Blogger, Home Cook, Teacher, and Lover of All Things Food!

Hi! My name is Ursula, but those who know me best call me Urs or Ursie. I live in NYC with my fiancé and love to cook and bake. Growing up, I watched my mom whip up everything from french bread and homemade pasta to cupcakes and creme brûlée. It was no surprise when I caught the cooking and baking bug in my teenage years. I began experimenting with whatever I could get my hands on in the kitchen. My personal motto is, if you can read, you can cook and bake! Let me help you make scrumptious meals with my easy to follow recipes and videos. 

By day, I am a pre-school teacher who loves to sing, dance, and make play dough! I love to cook in the classroom with my students and educate them about how food is made. Outside of the classroom and the kitchen, I can be found watching way too much TV, in spin class, or spending time with my friends and family. 

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